ESI Phone Systems

Optional features

The following optional features may be accessible from your station. See the Administrator for details. In many of the cases you can dial the appropriate feature code (one that starts with 5) to activate or use the feature. In some instances, you must use a programmable feature key to serve as an on/off key for the feature

Other feature keys If you enter one of the following feature codes, the programmable feature key will serve as an enable/disable key for that feature. The Installer may have programmed certain stations for accessing additional features; consult your System Administrator regarding your access.

Code(s) Key usage
199 Overhead page
560 Day/night mode
564 Headset
565 Call forward
565YYY Call forward to an
568 Message monitor
570 Conference
571 Personal Greeting 1
572 Personal Greeting 2
573 Personal Greeting 3
575 and 576 Virtual Answer
578 Mute/DND
579 Voice Mail
580 Override ring

Note: Gray-shaded items are the only key codes available for the 12-Key Digital Feature Phone.

Manual day/night mode (Code 560)

The system’s main greeting can be manually changed using a programmable feature key. Each time
the key is pressed, the display switches among the following: DAY, NGT, HDAY (holiday) or AUTO.1
Tip: To keep the system from being taken out of this mode, place it in auto and then delete the programmable feature key’s programming.
Note: The administrator can also change the mode and/or re-record the holiday greeting remotely to handle unexpected closings, such as for inclement weather.

Headset key (Code 564)

This key provides for easy connecting to/disconnecting from calls when operating in headset mode. Press the key to receive dial tone or to answer a ringing call. Press the
key again or press RELEASE to disconnect from the call.

Call-forward key (Code 565 or 565XXX)

If you frequently call-forward your phone you can program a
programmable feature key as a call forwarding key to automatically turn forwarding on and off. If you
always forward to the same extension, you can program a key with both 5 6 5 and the extension number.
1 AUTO indicates that the system will follow the day/night mode tables programmed by the Installer.

Message monitor key (Code 568)

Easily toggle the message monitor mode on or off with this key. (Otherwise, you can perform the toggle
by pressing PROG/HELP 3 6 and following the prompts.)

Background announce key (Code 569)

During call waiting, you can also make a brief, private background announcement to the stations earpiece (if the station user has enabled the background
announce feature). Hold down the key until you hear a beep, then begin talking; release the key when finished.

Personal greeting key (Codes 571-573)

These keys will provide for easy activation of one or more of your personal greetings The keys LED will be green for the associated personal greeting that is active.
These keys can be used in place of or in conjunction with manual activation of the greetings in
Programming mode.

Virtual Answer Keys (Codes 575, 576)

Note: This works only if call waiting is enabled for your station. Consult your administrator if needed. You can program a Virtual Answer Key to play a greeting to a caller when your extension is busy and route the caller to a desired destination by pressing this key. Program a programmable function key with either 5 7 5 or 5 7 6. Prompts will instruct you in how to record the greeting and program the callers destination. The destination can be either the default call waiting or another station; the system takes the caller there after playing the recorded greeting. With call waiting, the system places the caller on hold as call waiting (camping on) for your station; if the caller cant wait, he/she may (a.) press 1 to reach your
voice mail, (b.) enter another extension or (c.) press 0 to reach the Operator. With another station
selected, the call is forwarded to the station.
To record the greeting from an idle phone:
1. Press the chosen programmable function key; then press RECORD.
2. Follow the prompts to record the greeting and program the destination.

Sample greetings for Virtual Answer Keys:

Hello. This is Harvey. Im currently on another line, but I would really like to speak to you. Please
hold and I ll be with you shortly. However, if you do not wish to wait on hold, press 1 to leave me
a voice message. You may also either dial another extension or press 0 to reach the
Hello. This is Bill. I m currently on another line, but I have been notified of your call. I am
sending your call to our Sales Department administrator for more immediate assistance.
Please remain on the line as your call is being transferred. Thank you.

VOICEMAIL (Code 579)

Serves as a VOICEMAIL key on 12-Key Digital Feature Phones.

Override ring (Code 580)

The override ring feature lets you place a call station-to-station, outside line or leave a voice
message when another call is ringing. For full details on use of this feature, see Override ring.