ESI Phone Systems

Voice mail operation


Your phone system provides accurate and timely messages. Others will become more comfortable
leaving you voice messages if you promptly retrieve and respond to your messages.


The VOICE MAIL key is used for direct access to all voice mail features, such as picking up messages
or transferring directly to mailboxes.
Warning: On stations with a 12-Key Digital Feature phone, a programmable feature key must be set to
code 579 for VOICEMAIL KEY. If a key is not programmed to 579, you will still be able to retrieve
previously left messages and access user programming, but you will not be able to receive new
messages (when you access your mailbox, the phone system will announce that the mailbox is
disabled). Program 579 on a programmable feature key to enable the mailbox.

Personal greetings

Initially, your mailbox has a generic greeting: You have reached the mailbox for extension xxx.
Dial 0 to reach the operator or begin recording at the tone. You can record up to three different
personal greetings in your own voice indicating your availability to return calls. Also, you can change
any personal greeting as often as necessary: just record over a previously recorded personal greeting.
Warning: Do not delete all of your personal greetings; make sure at least one always remains. Deleting all
the greetings not only doesnt revert to the initial default greeting, it also will turn off your mailbox.

Sample greeting 1: Hi, this is [name]. Im away from my desk or on the phone right now; so please either dial
zero to reach our operator, or leave me your name, number and message at the tone and
I ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Sample greeting 2: Hi, this is [name]. Im out of the office. You may dial 1 2 2 for my assistant or, if you
prefer, you may leave me a voice message at the tone I ll check in regularly.

Sample greeting 3: Hi, this is [name]. Im away from my desk at the moment. To reach the operator, dial zero.
Otherwise, leave your name and phone number at the beep so I can return your call.

Depending on auto attendant usage and your personal preferences, you may wish to include one or
more of these options in your personal greetings:

Option Instruction

0 To reach the operator
1 To skip directly to the record tone or beep
4 To perform off-premises reach-me
8 To the main greeting (if your system is using the auto attendant)
XXX An extension number of another user
Note: Option 4 is available only when Personal Greeting 2 has been recorded

Personal greeting keys

You can program a programmable feature key as a personal greeting key for any one of the three
personal greetings. Once created, this shortcut can then be used to activate the
associated personal greeting (the key’s LED will glow green and the greeting played as confirmation).
Note: On a 24-Key Digital Feature Phone, press RECORD while the confirmation is playing and follow the
prompts to record the greeting. Otherwise, listen to the greeting to the end and follow the prompts.

Leaving messages . . .

If you call another station that is DND, busy or does not answer or if you call a special mailbox (such
as a guest mailbox) you will be transferred to the mailbox. You can skip the mailboxs personal
greeting by pressing 1; this takes you directly to the record tone.

. . . directly in another users mailbox

The procedure for going directly to another users mailbox without ringing his/her extension depends
upon whether you have that users extension set as one of your station keys:
If you do, press VOICE MAIL and then the persons station key.
If you dont, press VOICE MAIL and TRANSFER and then dial the extension number.
Either will connect you directly to that users personal greeting.

. . . in several users mailboxes using a Quick Group

You can leave a direct message in several users mailboxes at the same time by pressing VOICE MAIL
and the desired station keys thus creating a Quick Group. You can also move messages or
recordings to a Quick Group in the same manner.
Notes: You can use only station keys to select the additional mailboxes for Quick Groups.
If you have a department programmed as a station key, pressing VOICE MAIL and then the
department’s station key will leave a message for all members of the department.

Moving a message

When you move a message (by pressing 6), a prompt will ask whether you wish to move the message
with or without an introduction. Once youve moved the message, youll be given the normal options to
handle the message in your mailbox: save, delete, etc.

Off-premises reach me

After a caller has been forwarded to your voice mailbox and is listening to your personal greeting, this
feature allows the caller to be forwarded to a number outside the system i.e., a regular phone number
rather than an extension. You must have personal greeting 2 selected and it must tell callers to
press 4 for this feature. When the caller presses 4 during your greeting, the system forwards him/her to
the number set for phone delivery under external message notification . If that number doesnt answer, the caller is returned to your voice mailbox. When you receive
a forwarded call, youll be prompted to press any key to accept the call.
Note: This feature is activated only if your administrator enables it on your station and you have set your
mailbox to play personal greeting 2.
Sample personal greeting 2 for off-premises reach me:
Hello. This is Rick. I’m currently out of the office. To attempt to reach me on my mobile phone, please press 4 now.
Otherwise, please leave me a message after the tone and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Key functions during voice mail message retrieval from an ESI Feature Phone

Key Function name Description
1 Pause Pauses for one minute or until you press 1 again.
2 Time Toggles the bottom line of the display between the messages time/date and the callers number.
3 Reply Replies to the originator of a message (possible only if message came from another user in the system). Record your reply at the tone and then press 1 to stop, after which the system returns you to your mailbox and the message
to which you were replying.
4 Back up (rewind) If pressed during message playback, rewinds 4 seconds for each key-press. If pressed after the playback has finished, returns to beginning of message.
5 Fast forward Advances playback 4 seconds for each key-press. Not available from an analog phone or off-premises location.
6 Move Moves a copy of the message to another user’s mailbox. You may move the copy with or without an introduction. After the move, the system returns you to your mailbox and the original message.
7 Delete Deletes the message from the mailbox
9 Save Saves the message (it will play as an old message the next time you retrieve messages).
FLASH/REDIAL Auto-Call back Exits your mailbox without earaling the message, and then automatically dials the number.
ESI-DEX Store If caller ID is present, saves to you Personal Dex for later use.
# Leave a message Lets you record a message in another mailbox. At the prompt, enter the desired mailbox number.
* Check other box Checks message in another mailbox. This may require a password, depending on the mailbox setting.