Bogen 35 Watt Gold Seal Series Amplifier








Price: $640.66

35 Watt Gold Seal Series Amplifier offers a unique combination of built-in features, ultra-high reliability, and extensive input flexibility and output options.

35 Watt Amplifier Features:
  • 7 inputs:4 MIC (Lo-Z), 1 AUX (Hi-Z), 1 MIC/TEL, 1 MIC/AUX
  • 4-ohm direct coupled output
  • 8-ohm, 25V, 25VCT, and 70V transformer coupled outputs
  • Dual-function, 10-band graphic equalizer (acoustic EQ or feedback control modes)
  • True loudness contour function
  • Audio enhancement circuit for improved intelligibility
  • Switchable phantom power supply (15V DC)
  • Variable AUX input muting
  • Remote master volume control capability
  • Input muting via contact on all inputs
  • Voice-activated AUX muting on TEL input
  • AUX fade after TEL page
  • Pre-amp Out/Power amp in connections
  • Booster amp output connection
  • Tape output connection
  • Low-cut filter for MIC channels
  • Power Rating (RMS): 35 watts